Friday, February 25, 2011

New Passenger on the Bus....

For those of you that have been following along, you are already aware of my imaginary bus.  Just to bring you new blogees up to  speed here is a synopsis for you.

I have an imaginary bus in my mind. The bus is a really LARGE double decker bus that can hold a lot of people.  My bus is headed for a very HIGH cliff and the bus has no brakes.  The people that I load on the bus are seated in a strategic manner.  Some of the possible seating:

A.  Seated at the back of the bus next to the john. The bus is hot with no air conditioner

B. Seated at the very front of the bus so they will be the first over the cliff.

C. Seated in the middle of the bus near an exit door as they may get a chance to jump off.

D. There is a bus driver.  He/She is the first over the cliff.

E.  My bus has an upper deck.  Totally unprotected, windows open and no seat belts.

E.  There is a bus stop with people that may or may not be boarding soon.

****Just a note to the people out there that think this seems cruel.  YOU DO GET THAT THIS IS AN IMAGINARY BUS !!!!!  No harm, real or implied, to people or animals in the manufacturing (fabricating in my head) of this bus.

As you loyal blogees know.....Presently Snooki and The Situation are seated back opposite the bathroom.
That leaves 2 seats available in front of the john. 

In front of Snooki and the Situation, we have Lindsay Lohan.  She earned the seat for lack of common sense and no impulse control. She might be able to get off the bus prior to the cliff depending on what happens during her current court case. 



Today we have  a new passenger. CHARLIE SHEEN IS NOW BOARDING THE BUS !!!  I was considering making him the bus driver but I think I have someone else in mind for that.  I'll see...might have to rearrange at some point.

Charlie, however, for today,  is taking the first seat on the upper deck front.  First over the cliff with a birds eye view.

Mr. Sheen has earned this particular seat as an award for his on going shenanigans from the last week.
 I was thinking about him last week when he chose to call in to a radio show to offer the sage advice to Lindsay that she should really work on her impulse control.  Not really bad advice for Ms. Lohan but really....coming from Charlie.... Even with his brain swimming in booze and drugs, can he not see how absurd that is??? 

Then yesterday, he managed to embarrass himself even MORE. Who would of thought that was possible?
Seems self destruction has no limits as far as Charlie goes.  What a freakin  trainwreck !!!   Does anyone out there really believe you could get on national radio and TV stations, call your boss "a stupid, stupid, little man", oh, and lets not forget "clown", and "worm", then expect you can go back to work on Monday.

Of course, he did go on to say that he has cured his additions with his mind.  Is that the same mind that is currently swimming in a 190 proof brine?  Did his tanked brain that does magic acts also cure his addiction to strippers and drugs?
Just asking?? 

You know, I actually enjoyed his current show, Two and a Half Men, as well as some of his older stuff's the thing...I am conflicted with the huge amounts of money being paid to people to behave like asses.  I could be way more sympathetic if he was some poor smuck out there trying to earn a living and got messed up with an addition.  I know there is a lot of bad stuff  that influences people to make really bad decisions.  If you read the post Work: If it was Fun, it would be Called Vacation, a couple of weeks ago, you might know that I am all about second chances. (or third chances) but you have to want to participate in trying to do better. 

It is evident that Charlie and his huge ego feel that  he is above having to be a decent guy because he makes millions of dollars.  Unfortunately, he seems to be right.  He already had a new job offer with HBO. 

How sad for us all,  that the allure of celebrities allow us to turn a blind eye to people behaving not just BADLY but unconscionably. 

So much for my rant for the day. I want us to be kind to each other and I want GOOD people to land on their feet.  Is that too much to ask??

OK, My little blogees.....Who do you want to board the bus??  Send me either a comment or email me at  Tell me who you want on the bus, where you want them to sit and why they earned that spot.  It has to be someone we would all recognize.  They have to currently be living. (really if we have ghosts on our bus we will run out of room). They  can be in any line of work. (politicians, actors, writers, whatever your wicked minds can think of.)

***Please note**** seems to be some division on if Charlie Sheen should be boarding the bus.....feel free to weigh in on this.....Don't feel like Charlie is the right passenger???? How about Chuck Lorre????

The good for the day... That after my rant about misbehaving movie stars, I will let this be water under the bridge (at least for today)

The bad for the day.... Charlies has been in various scrapes as far back as 1990 when he shot Kelly Preston. He continues getting into trouble with drugs, alcohol and violent behavior right up till....who knows?? Maybe forever....

The WEIRD for the day....Celebrity + Bad Behavior = $$$$


Chris Marose said...

I love the may need a few for all of the morons out there. Is Kelsey Grammer alreading seated? I vote Bus Driver, sitting on the john, or next to Charlie. He is a real chump these days...

Wayne said...

Ok, so for someone that sees (and hears) about this bus first hand.....may I add a few from my mind????

From the sports world today; Tiger and Brett Farve will have a hard time getting off the bus...

From the "i need five minutes of fame or more" Kate and the Octomom (I'm feeling bad for their kids...and the media has done a better job leaving them out of the spot light) but they are still riding.....

From Politics comes John Edwards and 10 other "mis-stepped guys/gals" with Craigslist ads and all.....Oh and what about Muammar al-Gaddafi, he has to be on the top of the bus.....

I see a few more, but I know others have some opinions.....

Hey fill that bus with gas,