Wednesday, February 23, 2011

If you could have a super power.....

As I was walking through the family room this morning, I heard  a blip of a news report about a survey. The survey was to determine what Super Power  people would choose if given a choice...and, of course, if it was possible.  According to the survey people chose the ability to read minds over the ability to fly or the invisibility ability.  (try saying invisibility ability three times). Unfortunately, I had missed the first part of the report so I didn't get the information concerning how this survey came to be.  Perhaps, the ability to go back in time should be on my Super Power want list.

Sooooo, if you have learned anything about know I raced over to my computer to look this survey up and try to find out the what and whys of it.  The problem is that when I Googled "super powers"   10s of thousands of sites came up.  I didn't take the time to open them all or I would still be at it.

Even more interesting than the proliferation  of these surveys, were the number of  entertaining web sites and blogs that are devoted to this all consuming quest for super poweredness. A LOT of people have given a LOT of thought to this.

So, readers, what would you want as your super power?? Invisibility, ability to fly, able to read minds, stop time, X-ray vision,  or maybe shape shifting,   If those powers don't do anything for you, you have a bevy of choices.  Turns out there are web sites and blogs that are aimed at helping you pick the   perfect super power.

The first site that had some interesting answers was Keep in mind this web sites sub title says this site is for the best ideas you have when your high.  I did happen to notice that they have 178,000 + followers.  Kind of depressing really. 

If you really want to make this easy, there are quizzes to match you to your super power.  I took  a couple of quizzes  a few minutes  ago and can vouch that they  are TOTALLY accurate. (heh heh)  Who knew how important this "finding your super power" is?

I proceeded to take the first quiz which claimed that my best match was to master "invisibility".  Again, judging from the "far less than 178,000 much more invisible can I get???   (kiddo #2 did mention though, if I rename my blog to "XXX rated girls doing XXX things", I could have millions of readers in the next 10 minutes. (They wouldn't stick around reading my nonsense, I suppose.)

The second quiz have me the super power of "power speed".  What?? Speed reading and Power TV watching with pal TIVO isn't enough speed??  Frankly, this doesn't appeal to me in the slightest.  If I had the power of super human speed, people would expect me to do things, a lot of things....seriously that sounds like work. 

Back on point, some guy on highdeas site said he would want  the super power  "convenience". His theory is that he wants to be able to make any situation be convenient for him.  One of his examples was  if he was hungry his room mate would show up with a pizza. Some of the other answers on that site were creative but I can't repeat them,  as the inappropriateness is only topped by the illegality of it.  The word weed comes up a lot in their idealized super powers. I did happen to notice that the super power of  of  "just saying no" did not make the cut on anybody's list.

On they offer up 7 suggestions of awesome super powers but then tell you how those super powers could bite you in the ass.  (killjoys)   Like speeding through space only to have a head-on collision with a jet. must be noticed that a lot of time has been spent thinking about powers that aren't really ever within anyone's grasp.

Over at, they have a daily pick of which  of two powers would you rather have.  On today's menu we have the choice between Mirror: the ability to make people feel what you feel or Energy Blade Hands: hands that can cut through anything.  HHHmmm choices, choice, what will it be????  

Back to the original survey, I had heard on the news....that survey came out with the favorite being "mind reading".  Are you kidding me???  Who would want that?   Lot of rude people out there, I certainly don't want to know what they are thinking.  Besides, that is what Facebook and Twitter do.

I mentioned to hubby that I thought a fun super power would be the ability to shock people.  No, I mean shock as in an invisible tazer (set on low of course).  I had this brilliant idea when I was in my 30's. (yeh, before tazers came into being, I was thinking more along the lines of an invisible cattle prod back then.)

Anyway, I was working as a teller at a bank at the time.  A car load of teenage boys came through the drive up to cash their paychecks.  Five boys, five checks, no accounts but our branch cashed these paychecks as a courtesy.  (the toy store the checks were drawn on was managed by the bank manager's wife)
I retrieve the tube with the checks and while I am counting out the cash, these morons are out in the car really saying very descriptive unkind things  ABOUT ME.  They had the "speak to the teller" button on.  After, I got their money out and they left, the other tellers and I came up with the zapping super power idea.  Had I had the ability to just give them a zap every time something crude came out of their mouth, that would have been fun.

Hubby thinks that would be  a waste of a power.  Serves no purpose but revenge according to him.   Maybe, but on the right day, under just the right circumstances when someone is really ticking me off, it would be the greatest of all super powers.  I don't remember the ability to inflict revenge as a super power. Probably that is a very good thing.

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