Thursday, February 10, 2011

Filth is in the Mind of the Beholder...

This morning while I am watching Today Show lite. (condensed version thanks to my good friend DVR) I am listening to all the details concerning the resignation of  Rep. Christopher Lee, the New York Republican lawmaker.  Seems naughty Mr. Lee has been playing around on the Internet.  Here is the topic for today's post. I will be discussing  BAD BEHAVIOR.  There is so much of this bad behavior out there, that my jaded mind goes right for the,  "It could have been worse."

Now, don't get me wrong.  I GET that he is a married man sending his shirtless picture to someone on Craigslist, making false claims in an effort to solicit something.   Not really even sure what.  Was he getting his jollies just chatting inappropriately or was he looking to actually carry through??  Who knows???  But the fact, that we live in a world where this incident is so much less salacious than most, makes me realize how tainted I have become. The fact his slacks are still on, is pretty  much impressing me.

REALLY, if you want to compare pig for pig, this guy is an amateur. 

Several weeks ago, I was reading,  as I do all day long, when I happened on the story of Brett Favre.  As I was on the Internet, I am just clicking away about the lawsuit  with the woman claiming harassment (or whatever she is claiming).
Next thing, I know I have opened up the pictures that were sent to the plaintiff.  WOW!!! Shock and awe!! 

Now THERE is some serious inappropriate behavior.  As you all know, the crux of my blog is my conflicted mind and how I have to think of all angles, it occurs to me....How does this chick know if this is Brett?  It certainly isn't his face in the picture.
I have tons of questions popping into my contorted brain.

  • Can Brett's wife identify who is in the picture?   I actually talked this over with my hubby.  If I were just to see him from this angle, could I identify him?  We will never know, I suppose. 
  • If I were to see hubby from this angle and couldn't tell exactly by looking at the big part of the picture,(heh, heh) would I recognize his hands. (for you that choose not to analyze Brett's  manly parts, or whoever it is, photo) his hands appear in the photo.  It might take you a minute to get around to noticing them. 
  • How did Brett (or whoever this is) hold the cell and push the button to take this picture.  Very unusual shot lineup.
  • If it wasn't Brett, how did the plaintiff, show it on her phone with his text address?
There is so much lewdness out there it is getting difficult to determine the level of inappropriateness.  There is tacky behavior right up to totally obscene.  Maybe one of my future mind games with be coming up with a scale or meter to measure the degree of smut involved. 

Tom Lehrer, had a song about "Smut" a few years ago that I thought was pretty clever. Actually, most of Tom's stuff is pretty clever to me. But the line "filth is in the mind of the beholder" kind of sums it up for the brazen souls out there sexting their private parts, getting on various Internet sites or for that matter doing "consenting adults" kinds of things and feel the need to put it on film.

What the hell is wrong with you people??? I am ALWAYS amazed when someone is crying because their sexapades are "leaked" to the public and now they are mortified. Excuse me??
Why did you make the tape and how did it get from point A to point B.

There are so many examples, where do I start? Pam Anderson's supposed embarrassment over the infamous tape of her and Tommy Lee. Again, why is it even on film and how did it get loose onto the Internet?

Even the teens are in on the action. Vannessa Hudgens, the innocent High School Musical star is all red faced over a nude photo going around. She just sent it to an old boyfriend,  and said it wasn't meant for the public. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING??? Why would you send a nude picture to a  boyfriend and be surprised that is shows up at a later date. Seriously, just asking??? WHY

All of this leads to another spin on this subject. I was and may soon do a post on the ever popular way to get rich, the Lawsuit Lottery. Again on Today Show Lite, there have been more than a few guests on there talking about their lawsuits over leaked "private" pictures. Fairly recently, a mother of a girl that committed suicide is suing a group of people over the anguish her daughter suffered after sexting nude photos to a boyfriend who sent them to everyone on his contact list.

I totally get a teenage girls mortification and the suicide is really tragic. No joking here. But the mother is wrong to hold others accountable. The teenage boy was being a teenage boy. If I remember correctly,the school the girl attended is in the lawsuit. The school, in my opinion, can't control the behavior of the students picking on her daughter unless it is true bullying. (she, of course, feels it is).

One final example. Datelines, expose "To Catch a Predator" Did you realize there were that many deviants out running among us? I mean, really week after week, a whole new pack of weirdos showing up for sex with what they think is a 13 year old. The fact, that nearly all of them recognized Chris Hanson tells you that they were aware of the setup. AND YET THEY SHOWED UP.

I had the personal pleasure of knowing (a friend of a friend's boyfriend) that got into one of these stings and got to go to a Kansas prison for 7 years. High price to pay for showing up. MORON.

Oh well, I am exhausting myself here, so I will leave it up to you to find thousands of cases of smut running rampant out there. If you need a push in the right direction, just turn on cable television. Snooki and The Situation can get you started. (They are still on the imaginary Bus Headed for the Cliff.)

The good for the day...Lot of ways to look for the good of all of this. I struggle to find it other than the humor or lack thereof, of it all. Positives if you are into obscenity, you have a lot of choices to pick from.

The Bad...For people like me, it is pretty much ALL BAD. When I am no longer shocked by anything, I know that there is too much crap out there.

The WEIRD....The people that put any of their bad behavior onto some type of media and expect to keep it secret. Here is a clue for you idiots. Nothing stays private if you tape it, post it, or take pictures of it.

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