Friday, February 4, 2011

Money Talks and Plays Football

This morning my cynical, pessimistic side is kicking the crap out of my optimistic side.  I started my morning with my good friend DVR doing a power watch of the morning news programs. (power watching for me is condensing the 4 hours of morning "news" to about 30-45 minutes)  After quickly bleeping over the snow stories, Egypt stories, I zeroed onto the important issues surrounding this Sunday's Super Bowl activities.  

I have a history of discussing the skyrocketing  costs associated with the new arena in Dallas with Texas pal.  As she still lives in Dallas and LOVES her Cowboys, I listen more than I speak on the subject of big sports teams picking the pockets of the fans.

In 1999 when Texas pal and I started walking every morning, Texas pal and her husband had season passes in the old stadium and managed to get to most of the home games.  What fun for her.  Great right???  After a couple of years they bought even better seats closer to the action at the 40 yard line.  Again, good for them!!!  But then came along the new stadium at some ginormous costs. The ticket prices went up some but the real deal breaker for some loyal fans were the seat options.
Even if these fans could afford the seat options, they just could not bring themselves to buy new options for something like $12,000 or more EACH.

I guess some really loyal fans would come up with the moolah for the reserved seats (let's not call them the cheap seats) options at a measly $2000-$5000 per seat price but the average Joe surely can't come up with 12000 smackers per seat plus the cost of the ticket and the parking. 

I didn't just make these numbers up.  I copied it off their web site for verification.

Cowboys Stadium Zones

There are 4 main zones of Cowboys Stadium with varying PSL and ticket prices:

Reserved Seating

$2,000 - $5,000 Seat Option (PSL) price
$59 - $125 ticket price per game

Loge Seating

$12,000 PSL price
$125 ticket price per game

Club Seating

$16,000 - $50,000 PSL price
$340 ticket price per game

Founder's Seating

$150,000 Seat Option price
$340 ticket price per game

Onward to my point today..... This morning the news programs are talking about the cost of tickets, parking, hotel accommodations, and parties  for the Super Bowl.  Now did anyone think that it would be less than a LOT.  The tickets are between $2400 and $23,730 for parking your butt in a seat and about a $1000 to park your car.  Staying at the Super 8 in Arlington is going for $1198. (that by the way is before tax)   WOW!!!!  If you are still thinking you need to go, you can get a standing room only ticket for $200.  And if it wasn't for the unusually cold weather complete with ice and snow, sleeping under a bridge might have been an option.

Jay McDonald  wrote a pretty funny article on that said you should bring a credit card--heck bring a deck of them...  He went on to say if you have recently sold your ranch you might be interested in a EBAY offer for a private luxury suite on the 40 yard line for $599,000.

As anyone that has read my prior posts, you probably have figured out my need to analyze every aspect of everything. (which is why I am terribly conflicted on any subject).  I looked up to see what past Super Bowls have cost the fans.

In 1967 the cost of the tickets were $12, $10, and $6 in Los Angeles, by 1979 they had climbed to $30 although in fairly small increments over those years.   In 1987 they were sky rocketing up to $75 and by 1995 had gotten up to $200.   (now we are feeling the pinch)  But along came 2000 at $325 then  2005 at $500-$600.

To be totally fair, there are supposed to be tickets this game for the face value of $1200 but most of the ticket sources show them at more than that.  I am not looking as hard at I could as I am not planning on spending any amount to go. My plan is to sit and watch it at home and thoroughly enjoy the advertisers that have paid $3,000,000 per 30 seconds air time for a commercial. 
At $100,000 per second of advertising, the least I can do is sit and watch.  I won't even TIVO past them. (well unless they are really stupid). I love the Etrade baby and he is coming back.  YEAH!!!!

The good today....

There are people that are having a great time in Dallas.  Good for them.  If they have the dough and the good fortune to be there, more power to them.

The Bad for the day...

The loyal fans that want to be there that just can't afford it or are still battling the weather trying to get there.  Either way that sucks.

The weird for the day.....

The Las Vegas odds makers prop bets (proposition bets) for the Super Bowl.  Here a just a few to wager on

  • How long will it take Christina Aguilera to sing the National Anthem?
  • Will her hair be any other color than blond?
  • Will she wear a cowboy hat? 
  • What color will the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach be?  ($100 bet will return $150 for yellow, $300 for clear or orange, $500 for red, $500 for lime and $1500 for blue)
  • How many times will Brett Favre's name be mentioned?

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