Monday, February 14, 2011

Here is Your Valentine!!

Remember back to when you were little, say around 6 or 7, how excited  you were to go pick out a box of little Valentine cards to give to all your little friends.  While the men out there are denying it, I am sure that most of you enjoyed picking out just the right card for each of your friends, printing your name in big block letters on the bottom, and  dropping it  into shoe boxes covered in white paper doilies and red hearts. 
For today, I want you all to go back in time and play a little mind game with me.  Just for today, think about an imaginary box of those cheap little 3 x 4 ish Valentine Day Cards and start signing them.

Here is how my cards are being delivered. 

My first little cards are going to my immediate family.  Hubby, kiddos, kiddo-in-law and grand kids. The first card  is going to hubby.  We married as really stupid and naive teenagers and grew up together. What dumb luck that two teens with no support group, no money and often no sense, could raise 2 beautiful kids and now enjoy their beautiful kids.

You all are the best! I  love you all  beyond description.You guys are the reason I live and live happy.  I don't need hoards of other friends because you are my family.  I am dropping your Valentines  in the box.

Now comes my extended family,  my brother, 3 sister-in-laws and 2 brother-in-laws.  Let's add in some Uncles, Aunts, nephews, step mother, step sisters, and 1 Grandma. Truthfully, some of you I love, some of you I like but the glory of this blog is that you aren't reading it anyway so you will never have to figure out which of you is liked or loved. Clearly, none of you have dropped into the "don't like" catagory yet so you all get Valentines and I am dropping them into the box.

Then comes my close friends.  I hope you all know who you are, as I don't tell you often enough how much you enrich my life and make it special.  I am not a person that collects hundreds of friends.  So for the modest amount of friends that I do have, I do cherish your friendship. (specially my coffee buddies, Texas Pal, real estate pals and Larry and Jane who might be reading this)  I love you guys. Your Valentines are being dropped in the box.

For my old friends that I have been neglectful of. ( I AM A BAD FRIEND).  I think of all the friends, I have moved away from and lost communication with.  I really do think of you often, with the fondest, most cherished memories.  You guys put a smile on my face.  That is especially true of my old classmates that befriended me when I was in the most dysfunctional family on the planet.  (and that was before families were called dysfunctional). In this day and age of computer this and that  ie Facebook, Twitter and email, you would think it should be easier but it is hard to recapture the essence of the past.  I am dropping your Valentines into the box.

And last but not least....the friends that I connect with through some random thought over the Internet. Friends, you and I may or may not ever meet.  I would hope that some story or phrase or random thought resonates with you.  Consider me a friend talking to you each day (or whenever I get something posted) over a cup of whatever you drink. (Tea for me, thanks)  I am dropping your Valentines  into the box.

The good for the day....For all the friends and family that make everything worth while.

The Bad for the day....The losing track of people that mattered and held you up in times that you needed the lift.

The Weird.... Today's LOVE SONG .  Feel free to pass on to your honey.

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