Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good Cop, Bad Cop and other games

Last week I was feeling like I was becoming the nasty negative person.  Seemingly, every time I get around a "Pollyanna" type, I want to vomit.  But upon reflection, I think I am neither negative or positive.  I am analytical.  Whatever the discussion, I play the pros and cons list in my mind.  You know  the Good Cop Bad Cop game in my head. 

As I mentioned earlier about the speed reading ability giving me lots of time to get through a lot of printed matter and the fact that the blizzard that blasted through here gave me a lot of time read, I came across a lot of fun stuff yesterday. 

I came across a blog that I thought was pretty funny.  The blogger is anonymous but the site is Violent Acres. The descriptor at the top is "like you but without impulse control".  Already, I thought it was funny.  Anyway one of her/his (I think it is a her) was about a game she plays in her head ....the what if game.  Her story about trying to buy mass quantities of over the counter decongestants was hysterical.  This topic especially tickled me as I get annoyed  every time I have to buy Sudafed at the pharmacy counter and sign for it.  Truly, it is the only product that helps with my numerous allergies.  The fake Sudafed, lets call it pseudo-pseudoephedrine, just plain does not work for me.  See even here I feel the need to justify why I am buying Sudafed. 
I probably am imagining it but I swear the Pharmacist is scrutinizing me to see if he/she thinks I look like a Meth head. Every time I buy the stuff, I feel the need to drip snot onto the counter to prove I am suffering.

Anyway, the story was funny and I tell Texas pal this morning during our walk about the violent acre blog.  She is finding NOOOO humor in it at all.  She thinks the blogger is wasting everyone's time and that this tracking process is really important.  OK, this is where I am now coming to the realization that I am not all that negative. I have my own game, Good Cop Bad Cop. ( With that being said, because Texas pal works in the medical industry, her perception of the story is striking a whole different chord than how it struck me.)

I see the merit of tracking the sales of Sudafed and the like but the blogger from Violent Acres has a point too.  Why is she being scrutinized for the illegal actions of others?  She didn't do anything to deserve being tracked.  AND the fact that she can write down her story in such a FUNNY account is a bonus to my  other game of  "Glass half full, Glass half empty" mind game.

I really appreciate people that are clever.  Some people just have the knack of being hysterical no matter what the subject is. 
I have the several friends and family members that are so quick and witty that I am in awe of them.  While they take any subject and turn it into a bright funny scenario, I am over here analyzing everything in my head for the up side, down side.  I am taking being conflicted to an art form.

On the subject of witty amusing people, The Kansas City Star today had some of the tweets from of the Twitters around KC about the blizzard that dumped on us this week.  Clever hashtags abound. 

Some of the hashtags:   #snoprah, #burytheprairie2011, #blizzardofoz, (rember I am in Kansas), #snowmeanssnow, #snOMG

The good for today.

Some people are just so entertaining.  They don't have to try to be funny, they just are.

The Bad for today--

Humor is so much in the mind of the beholder.  I can be laughing my butt off at something and someone else is so ticked they are ready to implode. Guess I need to pre-evaluate my audience before I talk about something.  One more thing for me to be conflicted about.

The freakin weird for the day

My son and I play a game called "Plane into the Sun".  He thought of this game a long time ago and I just offer suggestions.  He has an imaginary plane loaded with people that is headed straight for the sun.  The plane has a limited capacity for passengers. Depending on it's occupants they can sit in the cockpit, first class, economy, or even  be  a  flight attendant. People are boarding and deboarding all the time.  The really deserving not only are on the plane, they have to work.  The last I heard, Snooki and Paris Hilton are the flight attendants.
 Several weeks ago, I suggested that Lindsey Lohan needs a seat on his plane but he said no. He feels sorry for her and says that though she has some problems that need to be addressed, her entourage enables her.  He thought maybe her parents, friends and manager had earned a first class cabin seat toward the front of the plane.    Since it is his plane and I can't get her on board, I have created "Bus over a cliff"  Lindsey may or may not be boarding soon.  Let's see if the stolen necklace is really of  her doing.

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