Saturday, February 12, 2011

News for the clueless

 I guess the good news for the day is the "stepping down" (with some serious pushing by his fellow Egyptians) of Mubarak in Egypt.  I didn't realize prior to the last couple of weeks that Egypt was in such a state of unrest.
Now, if people haven't got the message, I could only conclude that they are blind and deaf and media deprived.

I tend to prefer to stay clueless on world issues for the most part.  My first problem is that most of the geographical names have all changed or I am just plain ignorant of them, so I never know where in the hell anything is happening anyway.  I have invested in a really nice world atlas to try to rectify some of this afore mentioned stupidity as even Wikipedia isn't totally clear to me with the "it was part of this and later became that...and is not part of this...but has merged with that.... Oh, hell, shoot me now.

I prefer to think of Mumbai as Bombay.  It is like translating a foreign language back into English for me.  If I hear someone speaking French for example, in my mind I am translating " Comment allez-vous, s'il vous plait" into "How are you today, please?" (Mind you this doesn't happen often in my life which lends me to realize that I wasted 3 years of my life taking a worthless class: time that I can't get back.)

Back to the translating theory...when I hear words like Bombay, or Czechoslovakia, or Yugoslavia, I have to translate it to Mumbai, Czech Republic or Slovek Republic (see even that is annoying, they gave it two new names) or Croatia.

So in my ignorant bliss, I tend to wait for Today Show lite or Six O'clock World News Lite, to hit me over the head with some story that they will repeat for ten days in a row. Then if I can't figure out where they are even talking about out will come the atlas.

In the mean time I will concentrate on the local nonsense happening in KC or the national nonsense that hits the local media. When all else fails to keep me informed of any important events there is always "The View". 
(those ladies are by the way on my imaginary "bus headed for the cliff".

We have, not one, but two big stories that struck my attention locally.  I will doing a post sometime early next week to really rant about these two.

1.  Some guy on the national data base for sex offenders was found to live in a subdivision near mine.  Olathe didn't have the "must live at least fill in the blank feet from a school and all our local subdivisions are built around grade schools and middle schools. Needless to say, when the community found out of his existence, they took action.  He moved.  (to be clear I am not endorsing sexual deviancy, but I think there are proper ways to handle it. Look forward to a conflicted blog on the subject)

2.  Kansas changed the Castle Law.  That is going to be a long blog. While I typically don't see anything in black and white, only a LOT of shades of gray, the very nature of Castle Laws and Stand Your Ground Laws, get me agitated.

 To my Readers, Followers, family that follow me, ....I really appreciate you occasionally tuning in to read all my nonsense. By now, I am sure that you really can appreciate or not, the odd, confused, conflicted workings of my mind.  Never the less, I appreciate you all.

Feel free to weigh in with your own conflicted thoughts.  The email to this blog is

The Good for the day--- Busy weekend with family.  Two grandsons are getting baptized bringing extended family into town.

The Bad for the day...Gotta run and get some stuff done...don't have time to fool around

The Weird for the day...Remember, I was talking about following news stories that aren't of national interest.  Here is a local story, I found interesting.  AND THE CHERRY ON TOP...I know where Indiana is.

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