Thursday, February 17, 2011

Copy Cat Galore (get the reference to a James Bond movie character)

There is some serious copy cats out there!!  I have noticed a lot of repeats and more-of-the same in the news of late. 

Let's start with the most important.  That slutty dress Lindsay Lohan wore to court. You know the one that the major news outlets had to have fuzzy little cover ups in strategic places when they showed clips of her. Turns out "things" were showing through it.   BUT....the dress has completely sold out.  OMG... Were women out there saying "I have to get me that slutty dress and show off my business." (am I leaping here thinking only women were buying this dress?  Sorry if I am stereotyping. If there are any  guys that are into that sort of thing out there,  I am sure you  would look great in a slutty dress.)

*Note to reader.... You might be saying at this point that it seems that I pick on Miss Lohan a lot.  Yes, I do.  Because her impulse control is NIL, non-existent  Oh, yeh  and she is still on my imaginary "Bus Headed for a Cliff" and Charlie Sheen is getting on board to sit next to her.  As well as all of the Jersey Shore FPV. (future parole violators)

 On a bigger scale have you noticed all the protests in the Middle East  that came out of the gate as soon as Egypt got their leader to step down.
Now Bahrain, Libya, Yemen, Algeria, and Iran., all had the same "original" thought. "Damn, if  that worked in Egypt, let's try it here."  Maybe it is like doing the wave at a baseball game. It is just those countries doing the WAVE.  If that is a legitimate theory that might explain a lot about the conflicts in the Middle East. 
They are doing it, why can't we???

The other copy cat story that I was somewhat surprised by.  Notice I didn't say shocked.  NOTHING shocks me anymore. A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned the Mom that killed her children for being mouthy.
(a couple of days after that post, I did notice the story in People Magazine which leads me to think that the People people need to give me a call about upcoming material.  (Are you reading this People people??)

Anyway....on to my point....right after that a father killed his kids for the same reason. They were disrespectful. Again, one has to wonder "what the hell was he thinking?"  Oh, snap!!! Great idea!!!

Aren't we all just a bit of copy cats in our world today.  When hubby got the latest version of his iphone, my Palm product couldn't hit the junk drawer fast enough.  The same could be said for the cars we drive (well, not in my case as I am a cheapskate. That would only apply if I were copying the people in Seoul) the clothes we wear, the shoes and purses we buy.  Everyone wants the "thing to have".  (Well again not everyone as some people (me) think of copying more as in copying the original for a cheap knockoff).  I know you people that put stock in brand names are "tsk tsking" me right now.

There is a status symbol that goes with being one of the "in crowd".  The cool kids remain the crowd to be in.
On the red carpet at an awards show, Vera Wang means something.  I would doubt if someone said, I bought my dress at K-Mart or Walmart, that it would carry quite the same ooohhh and ahhh factor.

One extreme example of "follow the leader" came into play on our local news lately. 

Our major interstate highway that dissects Kansas City is Interstate 35.  A major new road project was underway that was putting new multi-lane exit ramps to get traffic off of  Interstate 35 onto 87th St.  During rush hour traffic a lady on her way to work decided it looked "done enough" so she takes the exit in spite of the barricade.  SIX other cars followed her.  Turns out the concrete was still wet and two of the cars sank down to mid-wheel and were stuck.  ( I guess the others stepped on the brakes pretty quick when the two in front quit moving forward) The other sorta-kinda funny (for twisted minds) was the KS dept of Transportation had a tow truck try to pull these cars out and it too got stuck.  The leader of the pack lady was on TV saying that the barricade had left enough room for cars to go through so she thought it would be all right.  (another person with no impulse control)

So the Good for the Day---  Seemingly we never have to have an original thought, just find a person to imitate.

The Bad for the Day... There is a pretty sizable crowd that seems to be following bad examples.

The Weird for the day...The video for "Follow Me" seemed appropriate for today's little coffee break/blog. I hadn't noticed in the past that the group, Copy Cat is in it several times. (and Mark McGrath too)

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