Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday....need I say more?

One of my blogees asked  my hubby an  important question the other day i.e. "does her head hurt with all the stuff going on in there?"  (Kudos to you for asking an excellent question)

Yeh, pretty much.  I think if my head just cracked open today for no apparent reason, let's say it  "hatched" it would look like limp gray spaghetti.  That's how I'm feeling.

 As you regular blogees already know, I consistently waver between trying to find the positive in something only to have the negative yanking at me.  By Friday, I was hangin' out pretty much in the negative lounge of my psyche.  In fact, I was not only hanging out there, I was sitting down, feet up and  having a diet coke there.

1.  Several things were shoving  me in the general direction  of the lounge.  One of the first events was I started  having a serious disagreement with my computer.  Normally we get along fairly well but on Friday, C.C. (Cheryl's computer)  wanted to be slow and take little breaks by "not responding" and I wanted to kick it's little hard drive's ass. The only thing that saved it, is that it is fairly new so the geeks that warrant it,  probably wouldn't take kindly to me acting rashly and doing further damage.  Fighting with technology is a real buzz kill for me.

2.  Thinking a trip to the bookstore might get me on the road to recovery, mood wise that is, I haul myself over to the mall to the Barnes and Noble. I usually enjoy spending time at the bookstore.  I find it amazing what gets published. Why aren't we all authors???   These are the two books I bought. 

People that Deserve It:  Socially Responsible Reasons to Punch Someone in the Face

You Ruined It for Everyone: 101 People Who Screwed Things Up for the Rest of Us

So the outing to the bookstore didn't necessarily help alleviate the probability of my mood continuing it's downward spiral.

3.   After my little excursion to the mall, I came home and flipped on the TV.  As you regular bloggees also know that 99 per cent of the time I only watch what my pal Tivo has saved for me but as I just wanted noise to make lunch by, I happened to see the commercial for the upcoming Real Housewives of Miami.  Are ya kiddin me?? Is this what real housewives look like?? I have never watched any of these housewive's programs so I wasn't aware that in all of the major cities, this is what real housewives look like.  I guess now I know!!!

I really do live in a bubble.  If that didn't depress me enough to think that I might actually be a time warped reject of  The Waltons" (yeh, half of you are going "who in the hell are the Walton's???) a commercial came on offering a chance to win a lap band surgery.
A CONTEST FOR A BARIATRIC PROCEDURE!    What depressed me was that I don't need that surgery and I think it is grossly unfair that the contest doesn't let you choose a la carte.  If it was free ...there might be a thing or two, I would consider having/doing.   Not willing to pay for it but FREE is FREE.

4.  Hubby left for an out of town job.  That always gets me down anyway but then I had a meeting at our church that I had to go solo to.   In a past blog I mentioned our church as being large.  Well, large might be a little bit of an understatement.  Our church is the largest church of it's denomination in the country. There are over 17,000 members and that isn't counting the people that attend that aren't members.  I only mention this as how it played into my mood.  Sitting in a room with more people than what reside in the last town I resided in as a child is both a blessing and a curse.  The downside is (for me anyway) the realization of how small and insignificant one person in a pool of thousands really is and if hubby isn't sitting with me how isolated a person can feel in a room of thousands.  On a different day, I would say that having thousands of people that surround you with a like mindedness of faith would be inspirational.  (yep,still conflicted)

5    Last but not least, the weather is driving me nuts. (you do understand that the word nuts is a relative word with me?)
Last week Kansas City broke a record high of 72 degrees, to be quickly followed by dropping temperatures leading to sleet, then snow, then more snow.  Followed closely by a slight rise in temperature just so we could get an icy mix to cover the snow.  Nothing better that 6 inches of snow with a coating in ice to get you to appreciate the millions of year it took man to  evolve to walking upright.   By Sunday morning there is fog.  I mean FOG....Hubby, has a 6 AM flight out of town and I get to haul up to Kansas City International at  4 AM driving through what appears to be cotton balls.  No, it is cotton balls sitting on top of  ....something slippery....KY jelly maybe....THEN the temp rises again during the day so we can enjoy a thunderous, light show of a rain storm last night only to dip below freezing again during the night.  OK, it is official. HELL HAS FROZEN OVER AND IT IS CALLED KANSAS.

Well, now that I have spewed my negativity over the Internet to everyone, my work is done. 

Seriously, I expect that I will rebound nicely after a trip to the gym today and get back to my normal half and half self. ( Half optimistic/half pessimistic)

Here is hoping your day is going well, my blogee friends.
Hope you enjoy. I posted the Clean version for those that care.

The Good for the Day.....The sun is shining!!!!

The bad for the day....No bad's going to be better

The Weird for the day....My computer is feeling better too. Back to it's peppy self and no geeks were involved in it's recovery.

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