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They Got It From Me....

With my recent foray into the blogospere, I am learning a lot of new things about this form of communication. I have been learning about placing my blog into directories. It turns out there are WAY more directories for blogs than there are printed directories in the paper world. If blog directories were thrown on our doorsteps like the yellow pages, our homes wouldn't be able to bare the weight of it all and just crumble under the pressure.

While deciding where I should place my blog, I have noticed that there is an inordinate amount  of blogs about having, raising, dealing with, antics of, behavior of, teething of, disciplining, etc. ect.  and everything conceivable that relates to children. In fact, there are directories that are exclusively listing MOM BLOGs. Some of the blogs and websites have a little seal that says things like "MOM BLOG" or "MOM CENTRAL". I suspect that I wouldn't be their target blogger.

While I am sure I don't qualify for the little seal to appear on my blog, I am indeed a mom. I am, in fact a mom for 2 humans and 2 cats. (the pet children count) and have been actively momming for more than 37 years.   The distinction is, as far as the blogging world, goes, I don't chat everyday about the intricacies of day to day parenting.  That daily hands-on part of rearing small children is pretty much in my rear view mirror.  But, hey, I did get 2 children raised fairly unscathed. So with that in mind I will share one mom observation gratis.  Who knows maybe someone will want to put that MOM BLOG logo on my site.
Here it is....
As a parent it is  harder to figure out what is fair and right when you are really wanting calm and quiet.

I do feel that perhaps not having children living in your home acts as a deterrent to coming up with blog fodder. My grown children, do from time to time provide me with something to post about.  Kiddo #2 tends to come up with some great material such as the "plane headed for the sun" game which I didn't want to "exactly"   plagiarize. Who knows when he might want to use that material for his own devices?  (I can see it now. A Plane Heading for the Sun board game, only $19.95)  The other big issue is that we can't agree with who should be on his flight.


The only solution was for me to come up with my own imaginary form of transportation to load our imaginary misfits and losers on.  Thus the  "bus over the cliff" game was born.  For those of you that have just joined in we are taking suggestions for who is getting on our imaginary bus.  The bus is getting ready to load over the weekend so be sure to let me know who you want to ride.  (Send my your thoughts  at

Let's continue...
Kiddo #1 has provided me with some fodder in the form of having two little boys.  The thing is that they are still so little and SO adorable that if I start writing anything about them, it just comes across, as every other grandma, thinking her little ones are SPECIAL. (which by the way they are). I would let you borrow my brain to see them but, bro, your eyes would melt from the cuteness.  That's me doing an imitation. Guess who???

But let's look at parenting from a completely different point of view today.  As you all are aware of at this point any singular thought takes off in multiple directions with me.  So as, I can't give you the daily nuances of how to raise your kids, I can tell you who to blame for any flaws they might have inherited. (the quick answer is, it is never you)

Our topic du jour: genetics:

Recently it has come to my attention that Kiddo #1 is showing signs of a condition called alcohol intolerance. For the most part it is rare but it is one of the things I won in a DNA contest.  My dad had it, I have it and it looks like it might be coming to visit my daughter.  It is a lovely little condition that is caused by the liver not having the proper enzymes to break up alcohol in the human body.  For some fun, light reading, I have included the description off of the Mayo Clinic site. Basically, it comes down to the fact, if a person with this condition drinks any alcohol, you get a major banging headache, that in short  order turns  to "the exorcist style" of vomiting.  Fun huh??? For any of you out there wondering, NO, I AM NOT THE LIFE OF THE PARTY. I am doomed to be the designated driver. Always...Every time...

As genetic handouts go, I am sure she is appreciative of that little gem.  Never mind that she dodged the short fat leg gene that she could of gotten  or any number of other goodies that could have come down the pike on her maternal side of the family.  Both of my kiddos really should be thanking their lucky stars that they got "tallness" genes from their 6 foot 5 inch dad.  I haven't received thank you notes or even high fives in reference to their tall stature. Well technically hubby should get the notes and high fives, I guess.

When I was growing up the story was told (hundreds of times, actually) that my mother cried the first time she saw me, then began wailing  to my dad "she looks just like your mother".  She did not mean that in a GOOD way.  As it turns out, though, my grandmother at 98 is still sharp as a tack and looking pretty darn cute by 98 year old standards. I am not sure that my mother, who is now deceased, ever reconsidered that maybe  the "longevity gene" trumps the "cute" gene,    Let's assume if I looked like my grandmother at birth maybe I will look cute albeit old in my 90's.

I was reading an article about genetics recently.  (Is voracious reading a genetic defect?? I might have to read up on that.)  Cynthia Bulik (no body I had heard of) said "Genetics load the gun but environment pulls the trigger."  Now you must admit that is a very profound statement.  Go Cynthia!!
The glory of having a new generation coming into our family is that it give us a front row seat to viewing the whole nature versus nurture drama play out.

While everyone on both sides of the family is vying to take the kudos for how cute the two little grandsons are, there seems to be some serious finger pointing going on  in other areas.

Last week hubby and I were being entertained by Grand kiddo #1 who is a three year old.  We have known for awhile that he is an especially neat (for the purpose of this example I mean neat as in tidy, although  he is also NEAT as in NEAT).  I could give you a list of examples but last week after he used the "potty" (get over it guys, that what a three year old call it) he washed his hands, dried his hands on the hand towel and proceeded to wipe down the vanity, fixtures, fold the towel and put his foot stool into the linen closet.

Hubby was observing all of this and looked my way.  "Ya know he got that from you." (too bad I can't replicate the accusatory tone that went with this statement)

Are we talking genetics here?  I do, in fact, feel the need for structure and I struggle with an obsessive desire to wipe down my stainless steel appliances frequently (really they attract fingerprints like a magnet)

As for grandson #2 who is only six months old, there is some talk about his short fat little legs, all the while family members  are glancing at me sideways.  I do believe that is how babies come. They have short fat little legs.  I am not quite ready to concede that I am responsible for that one yet.  Too soon to tell.
I am, however, throwing it out there that his sweet disposition is from me. His parents are currently getting the props for this.

 The story it yet to be told on what the next generation got from the gene pool and who the responsible party might be. I do know that my children got a lot of good from both sides of the family so they just will have to "suck it up" on the bad things. (sorry kiddo #2 about the hair loss gene but face it your sister got the "alcohol intolerance" gene... you be the judge which one you would have chosen)

So, while our family grows, no doubt I will see some continuation of traits that I might have played a small part in passing along.  The glory of genetics is that it is hard to prove.  I am more than willing to throw the blame onto all the other assorted players in this DNA pool.  AND if they aren't willing to concede that it is their fault, I have some dead relatives we can toss off to.  Let them just try to deny that those short legs aren't all their fault.

Out of here for the day blogees... Today's entertainment portion of the post isn't so much about genetics but the title does kind of fit the "passing things along" theme. Besides you all know I get a kick out of Tom Lehrer songs. Keep your eye on the speck in the picture.  It takes a minute for something to happen.

The good for the day...that I have beautiful healthy grand kiddo's that are too much fun!!!

The bad for the day....That genetics can be less than a joking matter in some families. I am sorry for families that have to deal with things beyond their control.

The Weird for the day.... I think the one cheerleader inherited the "can't process excitement" gene. And the announcer got the "can't help but to laugh" gene.

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