Friday, March 25, 2011

Let's Meet at the Water Cooler (again)

TGIF ...It's Friday, again, my blogee friends.

Let's meet at the water cooler and take a much deserved break... (as you might remember from last Friday, it will be our on-going task to take "casual" Friday down to "slothful" Friday.  Anything more difficult than sitting, talking, eating or breathing is putting forth way too much effort.

What are this week's chit-chat worthy stories?  HHUUUMMM.....what shall we talk about today??

Well, there is the Denver medical marijuana dispensary that is giving a free pre-rolled marijuana cigarette to anyone that is qualified  and brings in 4 cans of food  for  the local food bank.

Urban Cannabis is going to be giving away a ton of joints for a ton of food.  This offer is going to run till April 20th or until they have reached their goal of 2000 pounds.  So far they have only collected 330 cans of food. (Well..really...they just started...let's give it a chance.)

Amy Dulullo, sales director of Urban Cannabis, said they aren't doing any advertising other than word of mouth but she expects the food drive to pick up momentum when the word gets out.  

I have no idea how the Colorado qualification process works but I am pretty sure that if  some of the other state's residents could qualify for some of those free joints, there would be people lined up  for miles to get some of Urban Cannabis' premium blend, Chem Dawg.  There would be 18 wheelers haulin can goods to Denver as we speak.  I wonder if they have a limit per customer?  If not,  one qualified person with a semi could land themselves all 2000 joints. 

Another something we could discuss:

Oh, also, in the news.....David Schubert, the Chief Deputy District Attorney of Las Vegas, was arrested after police witnessed an alleged drug transaction.  Seems that David picked up a drug dealer, Raymond Streeter,  who upon his arrest said he had been selling crack cocaine to Schubert for  7-8 months. 

Turns out the Chief Deputy DA Schubert, who got some media attention for prosecuting Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars for cocaine possession, has his own problems. (being a hypocrite, for one thing)  When David's car was searched, he not only had some rock cocaine, he also was in possession of  semi-automatic handgun,  2 boxes of bullets and 2 magazines of ammunition.

District Attorney, David Rogers said he thought this was a shame as this is the person he has had assigned to the Federal Drug Task Force for the last 2 years.   He went on to say "His future is bleak with the district attorney's office."  (no kidding, ya think this might hurt his chance for a promotion?)

Just a thought...he should hire David Chesnoff, the attorney that represented both Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars.  Mr. Chesnoff got both of his clients off with just  probation.  They didn't have all the guns and ammo though.  Not looking good for the Chief.

I know some of you are tired of this one, but a few new happenings in Charlie's world.

A few new updates in the Charlie Sheen antics.  I know you all say you are sick of him but he keeps adding sold out venues for his tour so obviously somebody out there is interested.. (I am just the messenger.  Don't want you not to be in the loop.)  He now has over 20 shows lined up.

This week he is moving out of Sober Valley Lodge and moving into a house he bought 2 doors down from Paris Hilton.  This should be interesting.  Charlie and the Goddesses can have rock parties...oh, I mean block parties, and borrow white powdery substances like sugar and "such" from each other.  I bet the neighbors in that community are  really excited about getting some new fun neighbors.

Also, CBS has come out with news that they are opening negotiations to get Charlie back on the set of "Two and a Half Men". When the figures came out how much money that show was hauling in, it inspired a whole new attitude.  That attitude is one of forgiveness and tolerance.    I guess that little video of Donald Trump telling us that you can behave any way you want if you have a hit show is turning out to be true.   Crap, I hate when Trump is proven right.

Last but not least for this week

The domain name sex (dot) com has sold.  It is being reported in some news releases it sold for $14 Million while others are saying $13 Million.  Either way  it sold for a WHOLE LOT OF DOUGH!  (notice I did not type it with the . because I know how some of you are.) Didn't want to lose you with a click. Stay focused!!!

OK, now we can all get back to our computers and waste some more of our work day. Let's find us some domain names that will sell for MILLIONS of dollars down the road.  Surely there are a few bad, nasty, interesting words that no one has thought to dot com yet. 

The good for the day.....Spring has arrived.

The bad for the day...... Spring, I am talking to's past March 20th...straighten up and act like SPRING.

The Weird for the Day......Chris Brown was sent to anger management classes as part of his sentencing after assaulting his "then" girlfriend, Rihanna.  This week he was upset with a Good Morning America interview and threw a chair into a window. The broken window splintered down onto a pedestrian sidewalk, although no one was injured.    I think, whoever Chris paid  for those anger management classes, needs to give him  a full refund.  They didn't work.

Speaking of Bruno Mars....He can be our entertainment today. 


Momma Fargo said...

THanks for stopping in on my blog. Checked yours out and love it! Great Friday updates. LOL. I think your sense of common sense and humor matches mine. You rock!

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Blimey, do you think that I would qualify for one of them there free spliffs? If yes, I will be on the next plane!