Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What makes bad words bad????

Well, it turns out that Charlie Sheen is still running his mouth non-stop in interviews.  Seems that no one is immune to watching the growing  lists of "Charlieisms".   The publishers of  various Quotationaries (yes, there are books of nothing but quotes) are getting new material by the bucket full, today.  I did happen to pull out my own version of Webster's Wit and Humor Quotationary, just to make sure Charlie wasn't already being quoted from some earlier escapades.  No, he's not in there.  The only Sheen in the book is Fulton Sheen.  But if we are reaching for a quote,  there is one of Fulton Sheen's quotes  that sounds  like something Charlie would have said today. "Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius". 

So, blogees, I have noticed that some of Charlies quotes are being marketed today in various forms. Bunny cards with quotes, Kitten cards with quotes and so forth.  Money to be made.  Pure gold.

Because there is still the ABC interview tonight, I am holding off with my picks for the best of the quotes in various categories. Here are a few of the awards that will be given but there will be others I am sure. He is after all, STILL TALKING

A.  Totally Delusional Award
B.  Nugget of Truth Award
C.  I Can't Even Believe You Said That Award
D.  The Most Stupid quote by the Goddesses Award
E.  Most Offensive to the Average Person Award

Check in tomorrow for the awards show:  The CODIP Awards (not to be confused with Displaced Idiot Politicians from past post but CODIP awards are for  Coming Off Drugs Isn't Pretty)

So, blogees, to tide us over till tomorrow.  I have another little issue to be discussed.  (along with a story, of course)

For those following along, let's go back to 19 moves ago, 20 houses ago** hubby and I moved to Moline, Illinois.  Evidently, I looked incredibly young and stupid at the time as the manager of the 3rd floor walk up that we had rented asked me if I knew what a garbage disposal was.  HMMM (offense taken).

Anyway, I got a job at IBM working in the area where we did key punch for various customers. (the early version of contract workers)  I was in a fairly small office working as a  key punch operator for a  farming co-op that is no longer in business.  Let's hope that my career at IBM didn't have some direct impact on the co-op's demise.

I will assume that maybe most of you out in cyberspace don't understand how data was keyed into these machines, that is unless you were one of the unfortunate souls that had to resort to the world's most boring job, as I did .  You typed  information on a keyboard that caused the machine to punch a series of codes into little data cards.  The cards were loaded into trays and at the end of the day they were sent down to a data reader.
In other words, you would be typing just like we do on a keyboard today but you had no way of seeing errors.  You just saw cards with a lot of little holes. 

very cool technology in it's day
One particular day I had spent all day typing, loaded my tray, and sent it down to the data readers ONLY to find the next morning that there were some errors that I had made and had to start from the beginning to figure out where the erroneous punches were made.  As I started OVER, I mumbled the horrifically bad bad word  S**T.  At that point in my life I didn't realize a word starting with F even existed or that might have been the word I used.  Very young and very naive

On with the story...one of my co-workers who prided herself on being the nicest, purest, most wholesome individual on the planet, all but went into a dead faint.  OMG, how could she work with someone this vulgar?
Now, for my part, I was not having any of it.  I was having a bad day and not willing to take crap off of her.  So, I say to her.  What is the difference of me saying S**T and you saying the word crap (which was her go-to swear word). According to her "crap" isn't a swear word. It is more the equivalent of "darn" or "heck".   I beg to differ, I say. If you are angry and say crap is it any worse for me to say S**T.

So today, I looked up on the Internet "Is crap a bad word?" (not because I am just getting around to it but I keep hearing it touted around lately) Turns out a lot of polls have been done on this and the decision is NO it is NOT.(tacky yes, bad no)  Take into account that this isn't 1971 anymore and we have grown by leaps and bounds in our ability to swear. 

Now what got this all started for me was that a couple of weeks ago, I needed some window defogger. After searching around for various products, I found Cat Crap Defogger that is manufactured for use by skiers to use on their goggles/glasses (whatever skiers call those lenses on their face).  I am thinking what an interesting name for a product.  Just think of all the advertising campaign opportunities. 

In the mean time I am doing some of my power TV watching with pal TIVO and discover, not one, but 2 new versions of that word. I heard the word craptabulous (in the Urban dictionary as staggeringly and fancifully lousy) and craptacular (also in the dictionary as the highest level of crappy).  Who knew????

To bring home all of this craptastic info, I was listening to Orrin Hatch's interview this morning on NBC.

And low and behold: 

"Every state has different demographics, every state has different problems," Hatch said, according to a Utah Statesman report published Monday. "It's good to allow them to work out their own problems rather than a one-size-fits-all federal government, dumb-ass program. It really is an awful piece of crap."

I heard that he later apologized.  Too bad, he didn't need to as far as I am concerned. If he was passionate about what he was saying, it is far far from being the worst thing he could have said.

MY THEORY...The real test of whether you are swearing is "what is your intent?"

If hubby does something that is really ticking me off and I say you are a F****** moron???  Now that is swearing !!! That might be a bad example as I don't think he has ever ticked me off to that extent. Are you reading this, honey????

As opposed to,  he has told the funniest joke EVER and while I am laughing hysterically say, honey, you are a F****** moron.  That is not swearing.

**This is based on the 21 moves after marriage AM.  This is how we measure time at our house. We calculate where we lived at the time and then we can figure the year.  Very handy tool..

I happened to notice when I was browsing through new releases today. There is a song
"What are Words?"  How perfect of a title to go with my subject today.  Of course, it has nothing to do with bad words....oh well...


The good for the day......Actually worked my real job today (realtor). It only partially sucked.

The bad for the day.....I have been super busy but haven't gotten everything done that I wanted to.  Thank goodness tomorrow is another opportunity.

The Weird for the day....Speaking of bad words...did you realize that the words dammit I'm mad spelled backwards is dammit I'm mad. (thanks Rhonda, you are clever)

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