Friday, March 18, 2011

Meet Me at the Water Cooler on Friday

Let's all pretend we are working together today the same office.  It's casual Friday. The boss is out of the office.  We collectively have decided we are not going to accomplish anything productive.

In fact, we are going to perfect "screwing around".  This, too, can become an art form.

What shall we talk about??

Well, there's the third release of Vanessa Hudgen's nudey pictures.  This time she is nude and making out with a girl co-star.  As of yesterday, she is saying she is shocked.  She doesn't know where these pictures are coming from.  I may be conflicted but I am not stupid.  How shocked can she be?  She had to of known when you are taking pictures naked with a co-star, they will get "out".  (by the way, let's put her on our "bus heading for the cliff" for being less than forthright.)

Then there is the Gilbert Godfrey fallout.  For his "over the line" tweets that were highly inappropriate during a tragic event, there seems to be some controversy.  There are a number of comedians that are coming to his defense, saying that this is what comedians do.  That Godfrey's form of comedy always was offensive and therefore expected. (guess if you are in the habit of being an ass it allows you to get a pass for being an ass)  Never the less, Bob Saget, Joan Rivers,  and Whoopi Golberg to name a few, felt that it wasn't fair for AFLEC to fire the man for being exactly who he has always been.  I did find it interesting that when Whoopi was on the View discussing how she felt that being AFLEC knew when they hired him he was a putz (my word, not hers)  why did they expect that he wouldn't be inappropriate. she read the offensive tweets some of the audience laughed.  Some people are NUTS.

While these comedians can discuss how it was Godfey's schtick to be this inappropriate, I guess that AFLEC has the right to employ or not someone who is not representing them in the way they want to be represented.

Then there is the "he who I won't name" (but his initials are CS).  I got a couple  rather harsh "tongue lashing"  comments from a couple of blogees, saying they "WERE SICK TO DEATH" of hearing about you-know-who.  But you-know-who sold out, not one, but two venues (Chicago and Detroit)  for a tour called the Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour. Then went on to add  "performances" in Cleveland, Columbus,  two shows in New York City, Wallington, CT, Atlantic City and Boston.  These ticket go between $79.50 and $519 or you can get a Meet and Greet ticket for $750.    There may be a few blogees that don't ever want to hear his name but there are some ticket buyers with deep pockets that are fine with it.

Last and certainly the least  this week, we are hearing about how poor Michaele Salahi who is  making the rounds,  feels betrayed and humiliated after being booted out of Celebrity Rehab.  Dr. Drew kicked her off of the next cast as he made the determination that she isn't an addict but she is a drama queen.  Yes, that is pretty much what he said.  She is on various media venues crying (literally) that she feels betrayed.  WTF !! Did it not occur to her that Celebrity Rehab requires that she be addicted to something.  Well...besides stupidity ...and trying to climb up the fame ladder in hooker heels.  One last thought.  Isn't appearing on Celebrity Rehab just basic training for being humiliated. 

OK, that should keep us from getting any work done for awhile.  Besides it's almost lunch time.  Let's take a long lunch today.

Talk to you later blogees.

Oh, if you think of any other frivolous stuff  we can talk about at the water cooler today tweet me @veryconflicted or email me at

The good for the day...Hopefully, tomorrow is a day off for most of us.

The bad for the day...insensitive people

The Weird for the day...Did you catch Jay Leno last night.  He had the YouTube clip with the cheerleader going ape sh** over the win.  Do you suppose he is reading my blog???? Let's hope so. If you need to see it again click the They Got It From Me post on the sidebar to the right.

Let's waste a little more time watching Simon the Cat.  It's better than working.


Wolfbernz said...

OK Vanessa's nude photos... I can understand once and not knowing what or how but three times, really!?

I am really worried that the AFLEC duck is going to sound awful with a new voice you think they will get rid of the duck all together?

CS is that for Charlie Sheen... Ooops I said it, it's out there...LOL

Have a great weekend :)

Annie (Lady M) x said...

I am loving your blog missy! And I have two potential watercooler discussions: (1) Please can you talk about the supermoon that is happening tonight and the fact that its gravitational effect may exacerbate geophysical faults? or (2) Who is Paris Hilton boffing?

Cheeseboy said...

This is a common theme amongst comedians. "It's what they do." Well, comedians are smart, they have to be. They might not be smart enough to see a gray line, but a black and white line like this one... Gottfried should have known better.

Dig the blog. I'll be back.